The Broad Summit Mountain in Pakistan | Broad Peak | Karakoram

The Broad Summit Mountain in Pakistan | Broad Peak | Karakoram

Broad Peak is the 12th highest peak in the world at an altitude of 8,051 meters (26,414 ft). It is located in the Karakoram Range in Northeastern Pakistan. The peak is positioned along the western Baltoro glacier between K2 and Gasherbrum IV.

The English name was given in 1892 by the British surveyor W.M Conway. He was surveying the peaks in the area and in 1856 he dotted some unusual peaks, which he presented momentary names. K for Karakoram + a number for the peak. K1, K2, K3 etc. It was later found out that K1 had a native name; Masherbrum. K2, still have that name. K3, the third peak didn’t have a local name which is now known to be the Broad Peak.

The summit crest of the peak is almost 2 km long and therefore British explorer W.M. Conway thought Broad Peak was a suitable name.

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One or two 8000m peaks?

Occasionally intense argument about Broad Peak devising one of two “real summits” has been going on for a long time. If the snow are melting due to global warming, Broad Peak central might meet the requirements as the 15th 8000m peak.

First ascents of the main summits

The first climb of the main summit was made in 1957 by an Austrian excursion consisting of only four climbing members.

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Reaching Broad Peak

Broad Peak is real far from any place to come from within Pakistan. Everybody reaching there must have to pass Islamabad. The reason is you must get permissions from there for the peak.

From Islamabad to the Northern Areas.

From Islamabad “The Capital Territory of Pakistan”, you have to leave for Skardu. If you are on Public Transport then Natco and other Busses are easily available for Skardu that will have a stop or overnight stay at Besham.

From Skardu to Broad Peak.

There are two paths to the peak from Skardu – via Askole or via Gondogoro Pass. The prior is recommended for the unfamiliar people. Gondogoro Pass is a mighty 5600m, so most trekkers use this route for the way back.



To reach Askole you have to take jeep, as the road is bumpy and in miserable condition. Many camping sites are available within the route. Afterwards you have to trek on feet reaching Broad Peak passing Jhula, Paiju, UrduKas, Goro II and Concordia. Concordia is known to be the one of the biggest mountaineering area. After passing Concordia you have to trek about 3 hours on Baltoro Glacier.


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Best season to travel to Broad Peak is June to September. For a stay, you can camp anywhere along the trek.

concordia camping concordia camping night


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