Construction of the World’s 8th Wonder | Karakoram Highway

karakoram highway

Construction of Karakoram Highway

It’s not only a road…

What this Mighty Highway is?

Just Wonderful!

Construction of this road surprised the whole world. Because, for a long time, world famous construction companies were upset doing this task, Mighty Task.

One of the European Company declared this Mighty Highway construction Impossible after an aerial survey. Then Pakistan decided to do this by itself with the collaboration of neighboring country China. After an agreement between two countries in 1959, Impossible converted to Possible.

The greatness and extent of this work can be estimated from the fact that 15000 Pakistan and 9500 Chinese Specialists and workers worked real hard and this project came into existence. The Mighty Karakoram Highway includes 24 Larges bridges, 70 Small bridges and 1708 waterways.

It is said that 8000 tons of Dynamite was used to tear the chests of the huge mountains to cross the Highway among those and about 30Million Cubic meter hill rocks were removed for the passage. The work of construction equipment and conveying the machinery to the desired location was performed by the Pak Air Force. Some places were so difficult that only a few meters of road was made in one month. Finally it came to the day when it reached the highway and an impossible work could be possible due to the man’s high motivation.

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But during this construction several Pakistani and Chinese workers were killed. Around 300 people were seriously injured and the number of minor injuries is in thousands.

Construction of KKH


Construction of KKHConstruction of KKH

Construction of KKH

Construction of KKH

Construction of KKH

This highway is a widespread proof of human courage, hard work and high potential.

Every Pakistani wants to travel on this highway. It’s always a memorable journey.

Construction of KKH

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