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Data center consolidation and colocation

What is colocation of data center and why is it used?

It is not necessary to have only a single Data Center. With growing technologies and for faster speeds, Organizations use multiple data centers across multiple locations and apply data center consolidation.

This results in the greater performances and it reduces the Latency. Because data center close to the user serves first and fast and it also divides the workload of a single data center.

Despite of the multiple Data Centers, in these days organizations are focusing on the consolidation of data centers. Which result to save location cost and IT operations cost.


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Consolidation of data center occurs when organizations don’t want to spend extra cost on multiple locations or to pay a third party for operation.

data center consolidation

Data Center Consolidation

What is Colocation of data center and why is it used?

On the other hand, another factor is the colocation of data center. Colocation is a defined as to use a third party’s premises and resources to run a data center.

This is the procedure when an organization pay a fee for the resources of a third party in colocation facility.

Colocation is attractive for organizations as it reduces the capitalization cost and also reduces the running expenses of IT operations.

Now a days, there are several organizations offering colocation services with managed servers, including interconnectivity, which allows customers to connect to a public cloud.

Data Center Colocation

Data Center Colocation

Data Center Colocation

Data Center Colocation


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