Fascinating Kumrat Valley (Upper Dir)

Kumrat Valley

Fascinating Kumrat Valley

The beautiful and fascinating Kumrat valley in the Upper Dir Locality of KPK, of Pakistan. It is one of the charming valleys of KPK, and a pleasing spot for tourists. Every summer period thousands of visitors from different zones of the motherland visit to Kumrat valley and enjoy the greenery and cool weather.

Kumrat is concealed with green meadows, snow clothed peaks, the spouting river Panjkora, mesmerizing foggy mounts and idealistic woodlands are magnetisms of the area.

While one visits Kumrat Valley, below listed are the places that he may visit to enjoy the full beauty of the fascinating Kumrat valley.

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1- Panjkora River, Kumrat Valley

Panjkora River Panjkora River2

2) Wooden Canals, Thall, Kumrat Valley

3) Waterfall in Jahaz Banda, Kumrat Valley

Waterfall in Jahaz Banda Waterfall in Jahaz Banda2

4) Do Kala Chasma, Kumrat Valley

Do Kala Chasma

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5) Badagoi Pass, Kumrat Valley

Badagoi Pass

6) Chahrot Banda, Kumrat Valley

Chahrot Banda

7) Crooked woods of Kumrat Valley

8) Trek to Katora Lake, Kumrat Valley

Trek to Katora Lake

9) Another Waterfall in Jahaz Banda, Kumrat Valley

10) Katora Lake, Kumrat ValleyKatora LakeKatora Lake2

11) Jandrai Trek, Kumrat Valley

12) Kalkot, Kumrat valley


12) Dojanga, Last Point of Kumrat Valley

13) Thal, Kumrat Valley, Upper Dir


14) Towards Katora Lake, Jahaz Dand, Kumrat Valley

15) Bara Dand Lake, Kumrat Valley

16) Jahaz Banda Meadows, Kumrat Valley

17) Jandrai Village, Kumrat Valley

18) Forest Kumrat Valley,Panjkora River, Kumrat Valley


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Kumrat valley is located in the hills of Hindu Kush mountains range, fenced by Chitral to the north, Kalam Swat valley to the east, Ayun valley Chitral to the west & Lower Dir to the south. The scenery of the valley is highlighted by hilly topography, green grazing land, snow attired mountains and watercourses cut through the area.

The climate of Kumrat valley is mountainous climatic in nature and slight cool summers are common all over the area, with a usual temperature arrays from 20 °C to 25 °C. While in winter the temperature is very low due to substantial snow fall i.e. is 3 to 11 feet and the temperature sorts from -4 °C to -10 °C. The extreme rain fall is 255 mm and minutest is 100 mm. In contrast with other plain parts of KPK, Kumrat valley enjoys a more adequate weather but climate conditions are fickle in monsoon season & winter due to which drive is restricted to it.


Kumrat Valley can be accessed through four-wheel drive due to deficiency of proper metaled road further than Sheringal. After overpass the Kalkot region, the commercial center and doorway of the valley comes up which is known as Thall.


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Kumrat is a picnic spot and comparatively not fully formed. So, the region is widespread spot for camping and most of the folks carry their personal shelters and pitch for accommodation. The valley delivers opportunities for hiking, trekking and rock climbing. Likewise, it affords a base camp for a hike to a mountainous icy Katora Lake which is positioned at an elevation of 11,500 ft on a walk of 3-4 hrs from the main valley.

Bara Dand Lake Crooked woods of Kumrat Valley Forest Kumrat Valley,Panjkora River2 kalkot Wooden Canals, Thall, Kumrat

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