A Lush Grass Land over the Mountain |House of Fairies| Fairy Meadows

Fairy Meadows

A Lush Grass Land over the Mountain | House of Fairies | Fairy Meadows

A place which you have studied in the tales of fairies in childhood, seems to be located in Diamir. Yes, Fairy Meadows! Where you can talk to stars in the night.

If you say Fairy Meadows is one of the best places for vacation, it will not be false.

fairy meadows

Fairy Meadows


A Lush green grassy meadows full of enchanting beauty, with charming attraction and captivating beauty is located in Diamir district of Gilgit Baltistan. Altitude of this place is measured to be around 3300 Meters above sea level which is a cause of heavy snow fall here during winter season. This place is also stated as the launching point of a trek leading to the base camp of Raikot face of “The Killer Mountain” Nanga Parbat.


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While travelling towards Gilgit from Chillas, after around two hours’ drive you will reach Raikot Bridge. Here a jeep able and one of the most dangerous track starts leading to the Village Tato. This is around a 12KM track, and further towards Fairy Meadows, you have to trek on feet for almost 3-4Hours. You will reach a mind blowing grass land known to be Fairy Meadows.

road to fairy meadows

Jeepable Track to Fairy Meadows

Fairy Meadows is located in the Raikot Valley. This spot is also known to be at the end of Raikot Bridge which if formed from Nanga Parbat and is an origin of stream that falls into River Indus.

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Fair Meadows is accessible from April to September. Weather during this period is surprisingly pleasant.

Rest of the year the area is covered with snow and is very difficult to reach. Can say winter is the extreme season at this area.


Fairy meadows is an attraction for local and foreign tourists. During season of access, people visit there as crowds. Locals have formed camping sites at the place to facilitate the visitors. According to estimates, tourism at this place give a revenue of around 17Million Rupees by food transportation and accommodation.

This area is partly developed but its natural beauty and charming backgrounds attract tourists. Especially nights are really beautiful with clear sky and the stars seem to be coming to earth.


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Exciting things about this place is firstly the jeep able road, which is not recommended to be travelled by the faint hearted people. Secondly the trek leading to Nanga Parbat base camp is another adventure.

“Fairy Meadows is worth visiting, you should try at least once to visit there”

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