Junction Point of World’s three Greatest Mountains Ranges

Junction Point of World's three Greatest Mountains Ranges

Juglot or Jaglot is a town in Gilgit District, Pakistan, situated on the Karakoram Highway. It is called the Junction point of World’s three greatest mountain ranges, the Karakoram, Hindukush, and Himalayas. It is also a junction point between Skardu and Gilgit.
This place of attention is the exclusive site where three inordinate mountain ranges of world make a bond. Himalayas, Karakoram and Hindu Kush, with their well-known highest mountains (in Pakistan, and top 2, 3, & 4th in the whole world), Nanga Parbat, K-2 and Trich Mir, meet here and at nearly on same place River Indus, flowing down from supercilious peaks of Skardu, junctions with river Gilgit, one its main tributaries.

The place is well defined with an inscription stating as:


From here you are looking three enormous mountain ranges of the world. Great Himalayas end in the south and east of Indus River. Karakorum are ending in the northeast of Gilgit River. West of Gilgit / Indus River is the Hindu-Kush range.

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It is very easy to describe the limits of Himalayas. As the peaks surrounded on the left bank of River Indus are main peaks and foothills of Himalayas. While junction of Karakoram and Hindu Kush is not sharp. However, most of the geologists are agreed that all these ranges are sub ranges of Himalayas and they usually call them as trans-Himalayas.

The place due to its exclusive status is very stimulating but tactlessly most of the local tourists pass by this place without making a stop here as most of the people do not know about this place and most people travelling by public transport also do not have a chance to have a stop there.

A short break at this point is valued and one does not only feel upright at an exclusive place but the place also offers a brilliant scenery of the zone.

junction of three greatest mountain ranges


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