The Largest Salt Mines in Pakistan | Khewra Salt Mine

khewra salt mines

The Largest Salt Mines in Pakistan | Khewra Salt Mine

The Khewra Salt Mine is cited in Kewra, Jehlum Disrict of Punjab in Pakistan. It is Pakistan’s largest reserve of the salt and World’s second largest. Along with that it is a great attraction for tourists. It is estimated that 250,000 tourists visit there, each year. It was discovered in the year 320.B.C. by Alexander, but trading from this salt mine started during the Mughals Sovereignty. The main tunnel was developed during the British rule in 1872. Probably 350,000 Tons of salt is produced each year from this mine and its reserves are estimated to be between 82 Million tons and 600 Million tons. This salt range stretched about 300km.


One can reach there by Motorway M2 landing to Lilla interchange and travel about 30Km towards Pind Dadan Khan. Mine is located in mounatins that are part of salt range. These salt range mountains extend almost 200Km from Jehlum River in Pothohar to the adjunction of Jehlum River and Indus River.


Number of tourists visit Khewra Mine, which results in the considerable revenue. Tourists are taken by a Train inside the Mines. There are several pools of salted water inside. A model of Badshahi mosque is built by multicolored salt bricks. Many other artistic cravings were made of salt stones, which include a replica of Minar-e-Pakistan, a Statue of Allama Muhammad Iqbal and a crystal craving that illustrates the name “Muhammad” in Urdu.

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Tourist Spots:

In short this mine is worth visiting once. If you want to go there and spend a day, it will be as good as you are visiting another world. Other tourist spots near this mine are Kallar Kahar and Katas Raaj Fort.


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