Lap of Mountain | Daman-e-Koh | Islamabad


Lap of Mountain | Daman-e-Koh | Islamabad

Among the tourist spots in Islamabad “Capital Territory of Pakistan” one of the most beautiful place is Daman-e-Koh, where you can see lush green Margallah Hills. It is a fascinating tourist spot which was developed in 80’s decade and then refurnished in 2008. Locals feel proud while guiding about this gorgeous place and are excited to take their guests at this spot. It is located at a 5KM drive from the city.

daman-e-koh daman-e-koh

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A curvy road leads to this place and that road is full of sceneries and fascinating backgrounds. Well quantity of monkeys is waiting on the road sides for some snacks. On the road sides you can have brake to enjoy the beauty of the sights. You will feel quite silence there. Only the sound of wind can be heard which give joy and is felt mysterious too.

Once you reach the destination “Daman-E-Koh” you will see the tracks along-with the lush green gardens that will guide you to the platform. A lot of tourists and locals visit there with fellows for enjoyment. Especially on weekends crowds of people reach there. In the daylight you can see the whole city clearly. While at evening time you can enjoy fabulous scene of the city light.

daman-e-koh daman-e-koh

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daman-e-koh daman-e-koh daman-e-koh

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