Most dangerous roads of World in Pakistan | Lowari Pass

Lowari Pass

One of the most dangerous roads of World in Pakistan | Lowari Pass

Among the dangerous road and scary paths found in the whole world one is located in Pakistan, which is one of the most dangerous roads in the World. No doubt, Lowari Pass.

This road is a link between Chitral and Dir in KPK province.

This road is between the mountains on each side of it. While crossing this 145KM long track with dangerous curves, every year dozens of people die. Most of them are the truck drivers. That’s why, in locals, this pass is known as Hell’s road.

Unfortunately the people how die during the winter periods are buried under the snow and can be found only when the snow melts during summer.


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lowari pass lowari pass lowari pass lowari pass


It is at an elevation of almost 10230 feet and is a pass on the Mountain. This pass is relatively lower than others as it is the lowest pass to enter Chitral. Lowari Pass is so popular because it is the shortest route between Chitral and it is used to transport goods to Dir.


Profession of most of the people here is related to transportation (Drivers, Mechanics and Assistants). Most difficult job for truck drivers is to pass this road. That is a challenge hard to achieve, due to road condition and sharp curves and rock fall from mountains. Mere a little mistake of the driver on this most dangerous road can result scary. During the winter problem gets doubled by the snow.


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lowari pass in winter

Many adventuring tourists are also found on Lowari Pass and only daring dare to drive there.

On the other hand, this road gives the scenerys and can be described as “Beauty & Beast”. Daring and fearless tourist must visit this place once.

Lowari Tunnel

A Korean company constructed a tunnel in 2009 under the Lowari Pass, to make drivers safe. But that was uncontrolled soon. Now re-construction is partly completed and opened for drive.

lowari tunnel lowari tunnel


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