Mesmerizing Neelum Valley | Azad Jammu Kashmir | Pakistan

Neelum Valley Azad Kashmir

Mesmerizing Neelum Valley | Azad Jammu Kashmir | Pakistan

The beautiful and fascinating Neelum Valley is spread in Azad Kashmir. It is a long bow-shaped region, comprising of thick forests, beautiful lakes, mesmerizing mountains and the rushing Neelum River, flowing throughout the length of the Valley. This Valley is named after this Neelum River.


One has to travel from Muzaffarabad on north east side to reach this valley. It is located parallel to the Kaghan valley by a separation of high snow covered mountains.

Neelum road lead up to Kel in this valley from Muzaffarabad. Road condition is well from Muzaffarabad to Athmuqam, with a little patches demolished by the land sliding, but recovery work is under process. From Athmuqam to Sharda, road is travelable for any kind of vehicles. From Sharda to Kel low floor vehicle cannot travel due to road condition. Last populated spot of this valley on this road is Taobat.

neelum valley neelum valley

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Govt & private rest houses and lodges are located in Athmuqam, Keran, Kutton, Dawarrian, Sharda, Kel, and Taobat for tourist stay. There are also camping areas in the valley.

Valley is lush green and one feels in heaven while travelling and staying there. Along with the beauty of nature, this valley has some historical spots to visit to, which include Sharada Peeth in Sharda and Janawai town is the most beautiful and historical place in the Valley.

Villages in Valley:

Valley is comprising of Kundal Sahi, Jura, Athmuqam, Kutton, Keran, Dowarian, Dudhnial, Sharda, Tehjian, Kel, Arang Kel and Taobat villages.

Lakes in the Valley:

Chitta Katha Lake, Shounter Lake, Ratti Gali Lake and Saral Lake are the lakes located in the valley.




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