A Mysterious Lake in Swat Valley | Kundol Lake | KPK

Kundol Lake

A Mysterious Lake in Swat Valley | Kundol Lake | KPK

Kundol lake in swat is hiding a treasure of a story behind it, which is shortly said to be that, each month on a specific night, a golden bowl appears in the center of the lake that shines like moon, but nobody has ever touched that, due to its magical powers.

I don’t know how much of it is truth, but here we will tell you about that Lake.

It is Kundol/Kandol Lake in Swat Valley, in KPK Pakistan. While you drive from Kalam at about 19th KM this beautiful lake is located in Utror Valley.


Kundol Lake is in the Mountains of the Hindu Kush range and the altitude is estimated about 9950ft. huge snow covered mountains and tall trees give a fascinating look to the lake. If you want to visit there, you will have to travel to Ladu from Kalam. It is a non-metaled road and only 4×4 can travel there. Then a 3-4 hours trekking leads to the Lake. Along with that trek, a stream flows down from the lake which then falls into River Swat in Kalam Valley. On the way, you will see green forests, pictorial scenes, rushing waterfalls, which will give a charming sight.

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On the sides of the lake the place is used as camping site for tourists.


Like other hilly areas, winter is heavy and the lake is only accessible in summer. As the roads remain closed due to heavy snow fall.


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