Noor Khan carrying Sareeh in style !

Noor Khan is Pakistani actress and Model. She was born in holy city Madina, Saudi Arabia. She joined Drama Industry in 2016. Noor Khan always dreamed of becoming a celebrity ever since she was little. She started working in showbiz at an very early age. Noor said that her first experience of acting was not as such good because his director did not even guide her properly. At first, she wanted to give up and decided to stick to doing TV commercials but then she started acting. Her family hails from Karachi. She has two sisters Sarah Khan and Aisha Khan. Noor is the younger sister of famous actress Sarah Khan. Sarah Khan and Noor Khan has always been really close to one another. It was easier for Noor to pursue her dreams and join showbiz because Sara Khan, her elder sister, started acting before her. Here we have recent gorgeous clicks of Noor Khan carrying Sareeh in style.

See Noor Khan carrying Sareeh in style :

Noor Khan carrying sareeh in style


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