A Strip of the Hilly Areas in Pakistan | Galiyat | Pakistan


A Strip of the Hilly Areas in Pakistan | Galiyat | Pakistan

A narrow strip of the hilly areas spread on both sides of the border between Punjab and KPK is known to be Galiyat (Plural of the Urdu word “Gali”) means to be an area between two mountains around which are valleys.

Mostly areas here have “Gali” as part of their name. These areas are a popular tourist resorts and people from the whole country visit there throughout the year. During summer and especially during vacations and any national or religious festivals, this area is rushed with people around the country.

Murree and Galiyat are the areas considered best for spending summer. Sky talking pine trees are seen all around, which add beauty to the region. Area is surprisingly beautiful and one feels warmth of beautiful nature there.

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Tourist Spots and Localities in the region:

Areas in Punjab Region include Murree, Jhika Gali, and Ghora Gali. While areas under the supervision of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa are Ayubia, Bara Gali, Changla Gali, Kooza Gali, Dunga Gali, Khaira Gali, Khanspur, Nathia Gali, Kala Bagh, Thandiani, Dagri Naka, Bagnotar, Namli Maira.

Murree, Nathia Gali and Ayubia are most famous in the area and among the tourists.

Trekking in the region:


Miranjani is a patronizing hill located in Abbottabad District. This track is pretty famed among the trekkers. It takes nearly four hours to touch the peak over and done with a sheer track of about 8 km from Nathia Gali.


This is a 3 hours innocuous hill trek to Mushkpuri Top and is the second highest hill of Galiyat. See Details.

Pipe Line Trek

This is the easiest and straight walk through the pine hills of Galiyat passing right through the heart of Ayubia National Park.


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Weather is quite pleasant and splendid during summer in the area. You can visit there through the whole year.

Winters receive snow fall from December to April, but local administration is there all the time to clear the roads.

Road Condition:

Well carpeted roads are there throughout the region and every type of vehicle can cover the area easily. But again, drive carefully, as roads are sharp and curvy.

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