A Charming and Peaceful Hill Top | Toli Pir | Azad Kashmir

toli pir

A Charming and Peaceful Hill Top | Toli Pir | Azad Kashmir

A beautiful and charming Hill Top area in Rawalakot – Azad Kashmir is Toli Pir (also written as Toli Peer).

This area is situated at an elevation of about 8800Ft from Sea Level. It is at only a 45 Minutes’ drive from Rawalakot Azad Kashmir.

This mountainous location is said to be the highest in northeastern area of Rawalakot and the spot itself presents one of the best and fascinating scenery in Rawalakot Area. Toli Pir give fabulous sights with lush green fields and high mountains in the backgrounds and then rivers flowing deep in the valley. One can have a glimpse of Poonch River from the site.

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Toli Pir is named after the Saint whose remains of Shrine are still there on the top.

toli pir


Weather during the spring and summer, can say, during the months from April to September is very pleasant and the beauty of Toli Pir remains at peak during this time.

On the other hand winter, from October to March is very cold and the whole area is snow covered. This is the time when adventurous tourists can have a good time in stormy snow falls.

Overall, Toli Pir is the ideal place for tourists through the whole year.

Getting There:

Toli Peer is located 30Km from Rawalakot City. Road leading there is overall in good condition with some ruined patched in between. Low floor vehicles can reach there, but 4×4 SUVs are recommended specially during winter season. As cars cannot travel through the heavy snow on the roads.


How to get there

Toli Peer is 30 km from Rawalakot city, roads are mixture of good and bad conditions. Four wheels vehicles are recommended to reach at top. The accessibility during the summer is easy whereas heavy snow makes journey a bit difficult in winter. Weather of the hill is pleasant but becomes colder from October to March. The area’s natural beauty is at its peak from May to August.


Government and private rest houses and hotels are available on the way to the top and near the hill. You can stay there at reasonable prices. People visiting there in winter don’t prefer to stay overnight because of the heavy weather condition.

If you still have not visited this place, try for at least once, you will feel the pleasure to extreme.

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