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Nail Art is the all time favorite fashion of girls. College going girls give much attention to their nails. They like to have their own nail art at home and want their hands to look beautiful. The contrast of two color nail paint on the nails is out dated now. Many innovative nail art designs have been introduced by nail art specialists. Do you really want to enhance your style this summers? Have a look to nail art designs step by step and beautify your nails.

What You Need for Nail Art?

You Just need different nail paints, tape or stickers and a hand to do nail art at home.

How to Apply?

First of all, apply a base coat. Once, it is dry. Go for doing nail art.

Pakistani Easy Nail Art Designs

See Top Nail Art Designs for SummersTop Nail Art Designs for Summers

Top Nail Art Designs for Summers


Tri Color Cliff Nail Art

This pastels nails art is a beautiful nail art design that you can easily make at home. The contrast of three decent colors will make your hands look breathtaking.

Paint Splatter Nail Art

You just need to play with nail polish colors to make a splash design. 

Glitter V-Tip Nail Art

This is perfect for any party or other night event. Your hand sparkles in this Glitter V-Tip Nail Art. All you have to do is, apply a black nail polish and then using sticker or tape make V shape on your nails and then apply silver glitter nail polish. This is a trendy nail art design.

Monochrome Peek-a-Boo Nail Art

Monochrome are always love. The college going girls can easily wear in their every day casual look. It is the most simplest and classiest nail art deign. 

Stripes and Lines Nail Art

Stripes and Lines Nail Art tutorial is here for you. Summer dresses include geometrical patterns. So, going for Stripes and Lines is perfect for summers. 

Geometric and Roses Nail Art Tutorial

Who does’t love roses in summers? This Roses nail art tutorial is a must have. 

Monochrome Polka Dots

Monochrome polka dots look so decent with summer dresses.

I hope these nail art tutorial were helpful for you. Do share your views in comments.

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