Unseen Waterfalls at Rawalpindi | Neela Sandh

neela sandh

Unknown Waterfalls at Rawalpindi | Neela Sandh | Series of Ponds

A stunning series of ponds with crystal water along with the green meadows is cited in district Rawalpindi named Neela Sandh. This mesmerizing picnic spot is attraction for the Locals and Nationwide tourists. People visit and enjoy here with families. Place is heavenly good for the people bore of heat in summer, as it gives opportunity of swimming with cool water.

These ponds along with swimming give a tremendous scenery for photography. Waterfalls add beauty to the mesmerizing look of the ponds.

It is a gift for people of Islamabad and Rawalpindi and they will surely be astonished that suburbs of Islamabad host a waterfall, which runs throughout the year and adjoined natural swimming pools.

neela sandh

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neela sandh neela sandh

How to reach

This picnic spot is worth visiting. You have to drive only for 45 minutes from Islamabad “The Capital Territory of Pakistan”

It is only 38Km from Islamabad, located in More Syedan, Tehsil Kotli Satian, Rawalpindi. Can be reached by busses, and vans running throughout the day. One can use his own vehicle, car or bike to reach there.

Visitors feel relaxed at this charming place with lovely natural wonder in the background. If you haven’t seen this place you are missing a beautiful scenery. This place is not well known to people, it is the reason that its prettiness is well sheltered. As we people have tendency to decay the beauty of Nature.


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If you plan to visit this place, then must make use of the life jacket while swimming, as the water is deep enough. So, it could be risk to take a swim without life jacket.

neela sandh neela sandh neela sandh neela sandh


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