How to Wear Fluid Lip-Paint (Liquid Lipstick) like a Star

Fluid Lip-Paint

It’s no surprise, Fluid Lip-Paint has taken over social media on stars like Kylie Jenner, Lily Collins and Julianne Hough — these rich nonglossy recipes read so well on camera, they’re essentially appealing for likes!

First thing to identify: drawing them off can be delicate, thanks to their tendency to settle into flaws. But a few cool steps can help you grasp shine-free excellence. Here are the tricks to excellence:

Tip 1) Get Smooth

“The key to drawing off Fluid Lip-Paint is properly exfoliating and conditioning the lips before application,”

Tip 2) Prep the Outline

To get a crunchy lip line, Pat the boundaries of your lips casually with a slight foundation with your fingertips. This will play up the distinction among your skin and your lipstick, making for an extra-clean look.

Tip 3) Reach for Liner

Lip pencil is a must for helping liquid formulations stay put. On the bottom lip start from the corners of the mouth and work towards the middle. Then on top, start from the Cupid’s bow and draw straight lines towards the corners.

Tip 4) Brush Up

Fluid Lip-Paints often have a thick texture, so it can be harder to get an even outcome than with cream versions. Always use lip brush instead of applicator that comes with Fluid Lip-Paint. It’s easier to control. Start with small amounts of lipstick on the inner lips and work your way out. Applying in thin coats is the way to get an even, precise application.

Tip 5) Conceal Again

Your final step: Going for a little more foundation or concealer nearby the edges to confirm definition. Smiling with lips closed while doing this is a good trick for this step!



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